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  1. American Legion Post No, 238 reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

    Note: The Renter must be present during the entire event.

  1. The American Legion Hall is a SMOKE-FREE facility.  Smoking is not allowed in the building or within 20 feet of any outside door or window.
  2. All renters and guests will adhere to all posted rules as well as local, state and federal laws.
  3. Parking is to be confined to American Legion property. Please ask your guests not to park on the neighbor’s property across the street.
  4. All alcoholic drinks and beverages must be purchased at the hall bar. The renter will under no circumstance be permitted to bring beer, liquor or wine onto the post property. Champagne is permitted with a $1.00 corkage charge.
  5. If renter is going to decorate the American Legion Hall with flagging, bunting, balloons, streamers, etc. use only non-stick “blue” masking tape.
  6. Charges to rent the facility are:

Non-Member                 Member/Veteran


                        Rental of hall                             $ 400.00                 $_______________                   

                        Security/Cleaning                       $ 100.00                $ _______________



  1. Balance is due fourteen (14) days before the date of rental
  2. Renter is to check the facility when opening and closing:
  • Check condition of stove and oven – clean, no grease, turned off properly.
  • Trash to be taken to the dumpster.
  • Restrooms clean, trash picked up and emptied, countertops dry
  • If kitchen is used, kitchen floor must be swept and mopped.
  • Tables and chairs to be cleaned and placed in original location.

Note:  If damages occur or premises are left in an unacceptable condition, costs to repair or clean will be taken from the security deposit.  If these costs exceed the amount of the deposit, renter will pay the difference.

Renters are responsible for fires, theft and any damages occurring during or as a result of the event.

Any cancellation of this event and rental agreement must be at least fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled event.  If cancellation is less than fourteen (14) days, the renter understands that the security deposit will be forfeited.

I, _____________________________________, understand that the American Legion Post 238 is released from any and all responsibility or obligation that can occur directly or indirectly resulting from this event and any losses incurred by renter or guests will be their sole responsibility. Should an action be instituted to collect for any damage which may be incurred we promise to pay for any costs and/or attorney’s fees as the court may award.

Name: _________________________ Event: _______________________________

During the hours of _______________ and _______________ on _______________

Veteran/Member No: _____________   Organization: _________________________

      Organization:  _____________________________ Non-profit YES____   NO  _____


Telephone:__________________  Rental Amount:_________  Deposit: __________

Renters Signature:_____________________________ Date: ___________________

Hall Manager Signature: ________________________________________________


Contlact Hall Manager Al Hale 650 359-3277 or 650 355-4346